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On-site Concrete Mixtures for Driveways

A well-kept concrete driveway is your chance to make a good first impression, setting the tone for everything that follows for visitors and adding major curb appeal. Whether you’re looking to pave over cracks and potholes so that the journey to and from your front door isn’t an injury-threatened excursion, or you’re a site manager overseeing housing projects that seek to welcome potential buyers and homeowners with open arms, making sure your driveway looks as pristine as possible is always a priority. And the quality of concrete you choose to use will have a significant say in the results.

At CCS, our volumetric concrete delivery services ensure you are supplied with premium concrete mixes ideal for use in laying or resurfacing driveways. Our concrete is mixed and poured on-site, so that you pay for exactly what you need, and nothing more. When you need to meet strict deadlines or are working within tight budgets, we’ll help you deliver project success without ever compromising on quality.

Each concrete mixture for your driveway can be crafted to suit your exact specifications in terms of volume and ratio of ingredients. With your driveways likely to be exposed to regular stress and tension in terms of weight, we’ll ensure your mixes offer maximum solidity and longevity, so that you won’t be forced into early repaving. Our sand, cement and aggregates mixtures can even be enhanced with your choice of additives to improve structural strength, as well as workability.

There is no definitive answer as to what ratio of concrete mix is best for a driveway. A standard combination of cement, sand and gravel will generally produce a robust and durable concrete strength suitable for this sort of application, but common consensus will suggest that a mix of 1 part cement, 2 parts sand and 4 parts gravel with a water-to-cement ratio of about 0.5 will deliver the best results (commonly referred to as a 1:2:4 mix).

However, depending on a variety of factors including the size of your driveway, whether it will be used for commercial or domestic applications and even what sort of climate conditions it will be subjected to, the best concrete mixture for your driveway may not be a standard mixture. If this is the case, our experts will be on hand to produce the perfect custom mix regardless.

The depth of concrete required for a driveway is also another critical factor to consider. Again, this will depend heavily on your driveway’s measurements, as well as some other considerations like what sort of vehicles it will be supporting.

The standard recommendation for concrete thickness used in domestic and residential driveways is between 4 to 6 inches, whilst driveways which will be supporting heavy vehicles and machinery are often increased to depths between 6 and 8 inches.

After your concrete slab has been poured, it’s best to leave it to cure to ensure maximum durability and strength. Your concrete driveway should be sufficiently cured to be walked on in around 24 to 48 hours, without risking the development of cracks or abrasions. After 7 days, your concrete mixture will have sufficiently cured to the point where you can safely drive on the surface and your weight will be supported, but this applies to standard road vehicles rather than heavy trucks or machinery.

As you would imagine, there’s a lot to consider before actually getting around to pouring your concrete mix – and one of the most essential factors to pay attention to is your concrete base. A proper base for a concrete driveway ensures maximum longevity and performance from your mix.

The purpose of a proper base is to allow proper drainage to prevent your concrete driveway from bulging or splitting, which is why gravel is often the material of choice. A gravel base that has been sufficiently tamped down will also help your concrete pour to self-level so that the top surface will be as flat as possible, without requiring much manual intervention.

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Areas We Cover

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